Oliver Laric’s Betweenness Opens at the Stedelijk Museum

2 October 2021

Oliver Laric’s Betweenness Opens at the Stedelijk Museum
Oliver Laric, Versions, 2010 (still)

Multimedia artist, Oliver Laric, has opened his first solo exhibition in a museum in the Netherlands. Betweenness, now on display at the Stedelijk Museum until 9 January 2022, reflects Laric’s fascination with transformation and the moments between moments, and how imagery is used and re-used over time.

Working across video, 3D-printed sculpture and installation, Laric explains ‘“I like [it] when there’s an openness or a generosity to a form that can just become and continue to become, and is never fixed as an entity.”. This can be seen in the animations that make up Betweenness (2018). Laric found material to animate as ever-changing configurations of lines, which continuously mutate into images of organic phenomena such as animals, plants, fungi and humanoid figures.

Collection artist Oliver Laric, has previously been part of group exhibition Sense of Things at the Zabludowicz Collection London space in 2014.

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